From Ballet Costumes To Baby Costumes

I learned to crochet when I was about eight years old. I am left handed and my right handed mom taught me by using a mirror. I spent countless afternoons growing up in Florida making dolls,puppets, Barbie clothes, and accessories. But a passion and talent for ballet saw me dropping my hobby at ten years old and focusing everything on becoming a ballerina. At 16 I moved to New York City to join a prestigious ballet school and later on a ballet company.

Fast forward 25 years, one relocation to England, and 4 kids later my mom sends me some yarn and a pattern to make my daughter a 1 year old Birthday dress. Scared at the thought of not being able to remember how to crochet I put it off until I could no longer or it wouldn't be made in time! Alas I was bit by the crochet bug once more. Not long after I was pregnant with my fifth child and thus started a myriad of surfing the net for patterns and yarn. I started making all kinds of little hats and shoes. A friend sent me a mermaid pattern and I thought it would be the perfect Halloween costume for the new baby. It looked daunting as I had only ever done hats,shoes, and the one dress so far. I got to work and she looked so cute I determined to find as many costumes as I could to make before she grew up as she was the last baby to complete our family of 7. Well....I got so many compliments and enquires I started to put a few things up for sale and get the word out. That was April a year ago in 2014 and I was up all night long and early in the morning for the 2 weeks before Easter making bunnies,lambs,and chicks. I could not believe the response. So in May after a lot of thinking, net surfing, and reading I went legit and formed Lights! Camera! Crochet! I picked out the name as it harked back to my years of ballet performing and my shops theme that mainly stocks baby photography props. And so my star/shop was born.

I like to try lots of different materials and ideas to see what the general public like. I love getting special requests as it is so much fun creating something new for someone and I am always up for a challenge. I have started to branch out and add some homeware items, a few adult items, and now some toddler and older kids designs. After all, the baby is not so little anymore but I can't stop dressing her up! Living in England as an American has expanded my horizons and outlook.It has also enabled me to meet a wider audience thus making my shop full of uniquely inspired items. My children are my biggest inspiration. At the moment I am a one woman show , but am teaching my little girls how to crochet just like my mom taught me. And they are all right handed! So who knows....maybe in the future I might be expanding to add a few more little employees. For now though I am passing on my craft and continuing to keep on creating and crocheting!

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